Create + Canvas: Notes from Session 1 of #PaintCanvasOU

Today, we are kicking off a new mini-conference called Paint Canvas. Prepare All Instruction, Now Teach (PAINT) is a half-day Canvas training that showcases the best of Canvas in the classroom to inform and inspire educators. PAINT is organized into 45 minute rotating stations that focus on various Canvas features including pedagogical approaches and technical examples. In this series of blog posts, I’ll share my notes on the talks I attend in each session.

In the first session, we had five presenters:

Topic Presenter Room
Class Blog (Spanish) Julie Ward LL 118
Library Resources in Canvas Kristal Boulden LL 118
Leganto Reading Lists Carolyne Mead-Harvey LL 123
Video Feedback & Instruction Ben Lewis LL 123
Simulations, & Embedable Content Keegan Long-Wheeler LL 123

I attended Dr. Julie Ward‘s talk. She presented on how she integrated her Class Blog (Spanish) into Canvas using the Redirect Tool and some well thought out assignments. Dr. Ward is using OU Create, our Domains of One’s Own project, to build both her own course website and have her students build their individual websites. Using FeedWordPress, Dr. Ward aggregates all of the student’s blogs into the course site, so that students can see each other’s work and learn from one another.

The course site is then embedded directly into Canvas using the redirect tool. The great thing about this is that students can access and read the full site within the LMS. Students can still access the discussion boards or quizzes that are behind the login wall of the LMS. If the student wants, they can leave the LMS and access the site on the open web.

By joining an open web, course website with the Canvas LMS, Dr. Ward is building a bridge between the open and closed digital environments.

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