IU Online’s Teaching Online Series at #InstCon

In the last session of #InstCon, I attended a talk on Indiana University’s Teaching Online Series. The session provided an overview of the development of IU’s Canvas based professional development for online teaching.

In assessing the faculty needs, IU’s E-Learning Design and Services surveyed instructors and admins at the seven IU campuses to evaluate their training programs for teaching online and best practices. They then developed a Canvas based PD to train instructors on using backward design for their online courses.

The modules within the IU Canvas PD can stand-alone and can be pulled through Commons into other courses. There are modules to address accessibility, LTI integration, asynchronous and synchronous online courses, etc.

In the second half of the presentation, Matthew turned to some specific LTIs that were used in the Teaching Online Series and are used at IU. He ceded the floor to reps from VoiceThread and Canvas Network (Canvas’ MOOC platform), who gave pitches for their apps.

It was interesting to review the developmental process for IU’s Teaching Online Series, but the session was less instructional and more of a sales-pitch. This was mitigated though by the fact that IU has posted their materials in the Canvas Commons (‘IU Teaching Online Series, Commons Version’) and Canvas Network is about to role out their own portal for PD.

The talk was useful in familiarizing me with a few resources, and, paired with a presentation I saw earlier in the day on Canvas as a Portal for PD, I will have a lot of material to review as we develop our own Canvas PD resources at OU.

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