LTIs in Canvas

In the first afternoon session today, I attended Christy Steffen’s presentation on LTIs in Canvas. Christy gave us an overview of several common LTIs and talked about best practices for evaluation and integration of LTIs.

Steffen used a poll before starting the presentation to get a sense of the audience’s awareness of several common LTIs: Quizlet, Khan Academy, ck12, Nearpod, Zaption (soon to be defunct), and Redirect. She then gave overviews of these apps, varying the duration of each demo based on the pre-poll. This poll-directed demo is a fairly straightforward idea, but I hadn’t seen it done before.

With the end of Zaption, the audience proposed several alternative LTIs: UCU, Kaltura, and HapYak.

Steffen’s presentation was directed towards an audience of K-12 types, but most of the apps discussed are also used at the HE level.

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