OLC Live Preview

My favorite part of any conference is talking to people. Catching up with friends, chatting with people after a good presentation, and drinking in the excitement in the hallways fill me with ideas to take back home.

For OLC Innovate 18, I wanted to bring this knowledge sharing into the digital space. OLC Live is an attempt to create the space for you and everyone else following the conference from home to join in the conversation.

Starting Wednesday morning, I will be partnering with Autumm Caines, Dave Goodrich, and Kelvin Thompson to host an online conference room. Using a room provided by zoom.us, we will interview many of the conference organizers and presenters. These guests will share their work and talk with you.

In addition to interviews, we will also host open discussions around the key themes of the conference. Based on the program we’ve picked out a few of those themes and invited experts to lead the discussions. We are also leaving plenty of time open so that you can lead the discussion.

On Thursday, at 11am, we will open the room for an Innovate Unconference. We will gather topics on Wednesday and Thursday, and then use Zoom’s breakout rooms to set up round table discussions. Participants can join whatever conversation they want, and share their questions and experiences. I hope we can lure some of the on-site conference participants away from the sessions in Nashville to join in as guests in the unconference you create.

OLC Live is about innovating a pathway to bring virtual participants from the back conference room to instead lead the conversation in their own space. I can’t wait to see you there.

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