Research and Support Sites in OU Create

On Friday, I had a couple of consultation meetings setting up OU Create websites.

In the first meeting, Keegan and I met with Bill Endres. Bill came to OU from the University of Kentucky a year and a half ago and is now in the process of bringing over his wonderful research websites. He is on the cutting edge of multispectral digitization using modern photographic technologies to recover medieval manuscripts. Please check out his website, Manuscripts of Lichfield Cathedral. We have already moved over Bill’s personal website into OU Create set up an SSL certificate. Our partners at Reclaim Hosting are in the process of moving the rest of his websites into the OU Create space.

Screenshot of Bill Endres's site on the Lichfield Manuscripts

In the second meeting, I met with Lora Motley from Enrollment Services about setting up a private, internal website for documentation of their processes. While most OU Create sites are public facing, we can also set up Wikis, WordPress, or other apps to be private. Enrollment Services will be writing out their documentation in a new site to help with onboarding new employees and providing guidance on difficult issues.

With all of the course and individual blogs that we see in OU Create, research and support projects like these show some of the variety possible in the Domain of One’s Own projects.

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