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Yoast and Rank Math: WordPress Plugins for SEO

One of the first questions people ask after they get settled into OU Create with a working WordPress site is how to set up search engine optimization (SEO).


The most popular tool, and the one that I’ve traditionally pointed to, is Yoast SEO. The free version helps you submit a sitemap to Google and the other search engines so that they properly index your site. If there’s a particular keyword that you really want your site to hit, you can add it to the settings and the plugin will boost you up the results.

Rank Math

Today, I came across another tool that I think I like better than Yoast: Rank Math SEO. Rank Math has a powerful, easy to use Wizard that helps you connect your site to Google Analytics. You can add search keywords to each of your posts and pages, and the tool advises you on how to optimize each of these pieces of content for search engines.

In this YouTube video, Rino points out a couple of the differences between Yoast and Rank Math and gives a quick preview or Rank Math.