Current Position

University of Oklahoma

Manager, Educational Technology, OU Education Services. April 2024 – present.

Adjunct Professor, Gaylord College of Journalism, University of Oklahoma. August 2022 – present.

Former Positions

University of Oklahoma

Assistant Director, Office of Digital Learning. November 2015-March 2024.

Program Coordinator, Center for Teaching Excellence. December 2014-November 2015.

Lecturer, History of Science Department. January 2013- December 2014.

University of Missouri Science & Technology

Lecturer, History and Political Science Department. July 2014-December 2014.


University of Oklahoma

Ph.D. in History of Science. May 2013.

Dissertation: “Chemical Affinity in Eighteenth-Century Scottish Physiology and Agriculture

Dissertation Committee: Peter Barker (chair), Kathleen Crowther, Richard Hamerla, Judith Lewis, Kerry Magruder, Rienk Vermij, and Stephen Weldon.

M.A. in History of Science. May 2008.

Thesis: “Richard Kirwan’s Chemistry: Heat, Affinity, and Phlogiston in the 1780s

B.A. in Letters, with Distinction. May 2006.

Research and Publications

Refereed Articles

Co-authored with Kathleen Sheppard, “Choose Your Own Adventure: Gamified Course Design in History of Science,” International Journal of Designs for Learning 12 2 (2021), pp. 40-48.

“Chemistry and Slavery in the Scottish Enlightenment,” Annals of Science 77 2 (2020), pp. 155-168.

“Reform and religious heterodoxy in Thomas Robert Malthus’s first edition of An Essay on the Principle of Population,” Circumscribere: International Journal for the History of Science 19 (2017), pp. 1-17.

“The Instrumental Reality of Phlogiston in Great Britain,” HYLE: The International Journal for the Philosophy of Chemistry 18 2 (Dec. 2012), pp. 175-194.

Teaching Experience

Undergraduate Courses

AFAM 4970: Tula Massacre: 100 Years Later (co-taught with Rilla Askew, Meta Carstarphen, and Karlos Hill). Spring 2021.

HSCI 1113: Science, Nature, and Society. Spring 2021, Fall 2017, Spring 2014.

HSCI 3013: History of Science to the Age of Newton: The Origins and Early Development of Science. Fall 2014, Summer 2014, Spring 2014, Fall 2013, Summer 2013, Summer 2012.

HSCI 3023: History of Science since the 17th Century: Foundation and Growth of Modern Science. Summer 2014, Spring 2014, Fall 2013, Spring 2013

HSCI 3550: History of Chemistry: The Sorcerer’s Stone to the Atomic Bomb. Winter 2010.

(Missouri University of Science and Technology) HIST 2530: History of Science. Fall 2014.

Graduate Courses

HSCI 5990: Special Studies in the History of Pre-Modern Science (Team taught). Fall 2013.

Fellowships and Grants


Robert W. Allington Fellow, Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia, PA. 2010.

Everett L. DeGolyer Presidential Fellowship in the History of Science, University of Oklahoma. 2008-2009.


Art Works Grant, awarded by the National Endowment for the Arts, to create an online interactive database of American School archival works. Co-PI. $20,000.

eFellows Program Course Development Grant, Missouri University of Science & Technology, 2014.

DeGolyer Travel Fellowship in the History of Science, University of Oklahoma. 2013.

New Scholars Award, Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry. 2012.

Robberson Research Award, Graduate College, University of Oklahoma. 2012

Graduate Student Senate Travel Grant to attend the History of Science Society Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. 2007.


Podcasts & Other Media

OLC Live from Accelerate 18. September-October, 2018.

Gettin’ Air with Terry Greene. October 2, 2018.

Reclaim Today, episode 8: “Blogging at Scale with Google Sheets.” August 22, 2018.

OLC Live from Innovate 18. April, 2018.

Teaching in Higher Education, episode 125: “Using Open Educational Resources in Your Teaching.” November 3, 2016.

Innovation Labcast, episode 22: “That’s What the Parrot Said.” October 5, 2016.

Conference Papers and Colloquia

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Midwinter Conference: “Executing a pedagogy of pain: Techniques from teaching in Tulsa.” Co-presented with Rilla Askew and Meta Carstarphen, Norman, March 4, 2022.

Great Lakes History Conference: “Improving Nature: Agricultural Societies and Economics in the Scottish Enlightenment.” Grand Rapids, October 23, 2021.

Domains 19: “The Modern Prometheus: How Building a Course Blog for 1200 Students Produced A Frankenstein’s Monster with no Head and a Google Backend.” Co-authored with Keegan Long-Wheeler, Raleigh, June 10, 2019.

OLC Innovate: “Accessibility & UDL Fails: Group Counseling and Tips for Next Time.” Co-authored with Sarah Clark & Keegan Long-Wheeler, Denver, April 5, 2019.

OLC Innovate: “Establishing Epic Heroes: Narrative in Online Course Design.” Co-authored with Jess Knot, Angela Gunder, & Keegan Long-Wheeler, Denver, April 4, 2019.

WPCampus: “Creating Community through Student Recognition.” St. Louis, July 13, 2018.

OLC Innovate: “Open Professional Development Resources: An Open Sprint.”Co-authored with Keegan Long-Wheeler. Nashville, April 18, 2018.

OLC Innovate: “Game Design as Pedagogy.” Co-authored with Keegan Long-Wheeler, Nashville, April 18, 2018.

OLC Innovate: “#SquadGoals – Creating Collaborative Networks that Rock.” Co-authored with Ben Scragg (Arizona State University), Angela Gunder (The University of Arizona), Clark Shah-Nelson (University of Maryland – Baltimore), Jessica L. Knott (Michigan State University), Kirstin Riddick (NVCC), Jane Moore (MERLOT), Jill Buban (Unizin), Kate Sonka (Michigan State University), & Tanya Joosten (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee). Nashville, April 18, 2018.

History of Science Society: “The Memex Realized: Open Notes Databases Improve Historical Research and Pedagogy.” Toronto. November, 2017.

THATCamp HSS, Keynote. “Digital History Databases in the Classroom.” Toronto. November, 2017.

Digital Humanities Symposium, OU: “Open Notes in the Digital Humanities.” Norman, September, 2017.

Cain Conference 2017: Chemistry in the Americas 1500-1800: “Chemistry in the Caribbean: The Scottish Enlightenment and Slavery.” Chemical Heritage Foundation, April 2017.

OLC Innovate: “eXperience Play.” New Orleans, April 2017.

OLC Innovate: “Games as Models for Learning.” New Orleans, April 2017.

OLC Innovate: Game Jam on Improvisation. New Orleans, April 2017.

Open Education Conference: “Slaying GOBLINs: Gamification as Open Educational Practice.” Richmond, VA. November 2016.

7th International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science: “Situating Chemistry – Integrating a History of Science Database with a Growing Ecology of Open Data Sources.” Prague, Czech Republic. September 2016.

Digital History and Philosophy of Science Conference: “Collecting and Sharing Research Notes.” University of Oklahoma. August 2016.

OLC Innovate: “ForkU! A GitHub Approach to Learning and Collaboration.” New Orleans. April 2016.

History of Science Society: “Chemical Physiology in the Scottish Enlightenment: Affinities of Fevers, Asthma, and Bile.” San Francisco. November 2015.

THATCamp HSS, Digital Pedagogy Roundtable invited speaker. San Francisco. November 2015.

Teaching Scholars Initiative: “Amplifying Every Student’s Voice: Mobile Blogging.” Co-authored with Keegan Long-Wheeler. University of Oklahoma. November 2015.

Big XII Teaching and Learning Conference: “The Affordances of Mobile Blogging to Cultivate Student Success.” Co-authored with Keegan Long-Wheeler. Oklahoma State University. July 2015.

DH 2015, Global Digital Humanities: “Mapping the History of a Discipline through Curated Bibliographic Data: A Case Study of Social Networks as Found in the Isis Bibliography of the History of Science, 1913-2013.” Co-authored with Stephen P. Weldon, Sylwester Ratowt, and Birute Railiene. University of Western Sydney. June, 2015.

Situating Chemistry, 1760-1840: Haarlem Workshop: “Chemistry and the Business of Water.” Teylers Museum. June, 2015.

Digital Humanities Brown Bag Session: “Gamification and Pedagogy: Providing motivational incentives and giving students greater flexibility to choose learning modules from the class curriculum.” University of Oklahoma. February, 2015

Situating Chemistry, 1760-1840: Florence Workshop: “Chemistry and the Business of Water.” European University Institute. September, 2014.

Situating Chemistry, 1760-1840: Florence Workshop: “” European University Institute. September, 2014. 

History of Science Departmental Colloquia: “Questing for the History of Science: A Gamified Online Class.” Presented with Dr. Kathleen Sheppard. University of Oklahoma. September 2014.

Sites of Chemistry: “The Readings and Practices of the Tenant Class Farmers in Scotland and England.” Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. March, 2014.

Teaching Scholars Initiative: “Knowledge Production in the Classroom: Taming Wikipedia.” University of Oklahoma. October 2013.

History of Science Departmental Colloquia: “Knowledge Creation in the Classroom: Wikipedia.” University of Oklahoma. August 2013.

International Congress for the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine: “Chemical Affinity, Mineral Waters and Medical Authority in the Scottish Enlightenment.” Manchester, UK. July 2013.

Midwest Junto for the History of Science: “What Makes Tonic Water Fizz: Chemistry and Balneology in the Scottish Enlightenment.” Notre Dame University. April 2013.

History of Science Departmental Colloquia: “The Comforts of Bath: 18th-Century Chemistry and the Commodification of Mineral Waters.” University of Oklahoma. February 2013.

History of Science Departmental Colloquia: “‘Muck is the Mother of the Meal Chest:’ Chemical Affinity in Eighteenth-Century British Agriculture.” University of Oklahoma. April 2011.

Brown Bag Lectures. “Chemical Affinity in Eighteenth-century British Agriculture and Mineralogy.” Chemical Heritage Foundation. October 2010.

International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry Summer Symposium.“The Instrumental Reality of Phlogiston in Britain.” Chemical Heritage Foundation. August 2009.

Columbia History of Science Group: “Affinity Across the Disciplines.” Friday Harbor Biological Laboratory, WA. April 2009.

Midwest Junto for the History of Science: “Lost in the Archives: The Kirwan Collection at the Salem Athenaeum.” University of Minnesota. April 2008.

Academic and Professional Service

Program Co-Chair, OLC Innovate 19. Denver, April 2019.

Steering Committee, Research Bazaar, OU. Norman, October 2018.

Engagement Co-Chair, OLC Innovate 18. Nashville, April 2018.

Steering Committee, Research Bazaar, OU. Norman, October 2017.

OER Action Committee, OU. Norman, May 2017 – present.

Steering Committee, Academic Technology Expo, OU. Norman, January 2017.

Board of Advisors, Commission on Bibliography and Documentation. International Union of History and Philosophy of Science. Fall 2013-current.

Core Team, “Galileo’s World” exhibit. University of Oklahoma Libraries, History of Science Collections. Fall 2013-Fall 2014.

Editorial Assistant, Isis Current Bibliography. 2010-2012.

Executive Officer, History of Science Student Association. 2006-2009 and 2012-2013.

Research Assistant on the History of the Graduate College, University of Oklahoma. 2006-2008.