Omeka + HTML5Up

I have been working on a couple of Omeka sites this semester. I really like the Omeka system for its handling of meta data and the Neatline map extension for easy map creation. Omeka S just came out and looks fantastic, though I haven’t had a chance to build with it yet.

However, I do not like the Omeka themes. For a while I was using Denison as seen here. However, the theme mishandles the four images on the front page and the drop down menu has a tendency to malfunction.

I also tried Big Picture but abandoned it when I was unable to merge the beautiful Browse Collections page into the index page.

Ultimately I turned away from Omeka themes and instead used HTML5Up templates. I transitioned Dr. Daniela Busiciglio’s site that had been built with Denison from this:

to this (

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 of

I’ve just finished transitioning another site that I built with Dr. Mirelsie Velazquez and her students from the Big Picture Omeka theme to this (

Because Omeka’s API does not provide images, I was not able to load the images into these HTML based pages programmatically. Thus, these front pages will require a bit more maintenance in their HTML code than Omeka themes, which are controlled from the administrative GUI. However, I really like the flexibility that I get from stripping out the front page of the Omeka themes and replacing it with something that I can tweak to feature the best parts of the projects.



  1. shawn

    Very cool. In doing this, I guess you’re just swapping in the html landing page for Omeka’s default page? And then having the html landing page point to the relevant internal bits in Omeka?

    1. John Stewart

      Yeah, within the theme folder, I’m just substituting my index.html for the original index.php file. I think you have to change the extension of the index.html to .php.

  2. Lauren Brumfield

    Hard to believe those sites are built on Omeka.. this is awesome, John! Would love to see screenshots from file manager to see how you stripped out the landing page.

  3. Smithd974

    I was looking through some of your blog posts on this internet site and I conceive this web site is rattling informative ! Keep on posting.

  4. Wesley Lawson

    You don’t happen to have these on github do you. These look amazing.

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