A ListServe of One’s Own

OU Create has over 3500 users and 4000 web sites. In a single week we might see 400 blog posts from the users. But until today, it was not complete. Create had not fulfilled it’s potential.

Email is a section of the cPanel that you’ve likely never noticed before but has always been there, as if it has been obscured by magic. Few have ever crossed the threshold into this mysterious place, but today, I helped someone set up a List Serve.

Screen Shot of the List Serve general options screen through OU Create

The List Serve is an ancient, wondrous beast, that few have ever configured. Many of us may have stumbled into subscribing to a List Serve, may have even requested that IT set one up for a project, but to jump through the mirror oneself and standup (to) such a thing is a truly harrowing experience.

First one must generate a set of administrative email accounts tied to this subdomain of OU Create, solely to appease the beast. Then, averting your eyes from the Medusa that is the public interface, you must find the public URL that is hidden like a Golden Egg in the configuration options panels.

Screen shot of the public interface of an OU Create list serve

After finding still more email accounts to sacrifice to the Scylla and Charybdis of configuration, a pious one may return home to the golden desk chair from whence they came.

So for those critics who complain that Domain of One’s Own projects are just carrying the water for WordPress, know that OU Create has spread it’s wings a little wider today and soared ever closer to the sun. Today we have unleashed the List Serve.

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  1. OU Create Thus Far (2016) | Adam Croom

    […] But that brings to me something anybody who gets in this space has to learn. The answer to the question of “What is everybody doing?” is “We don’t know.” And we’re proud that it’s that decentralized. We can give insight to what we come across but we don’t always have easy ways of coming across it. As an example,within the last few days we’ve discovered an open course called American Gangster: From Jay Gatsby to Jay Z that utilizes Hypothes.is and someone utilizing OU Create to host their own self-organized ListServ. […]

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